The Abegg Foundation

In December 1961, Werner and Margaret Abegg, private collectors of long standing, established the Abegg Foundation. Their interest in and commitment to the study and conservation of historic textile fabrics dated back to their youth. They assigned five main tasks to their new foundation:

The creation of a comprehensive collection of woven fabrics, starting with the founders’ own private collection.

-The museum with works of pictorial and applied arts from ancient times to the 18th century and a yearly special temporary exhibition of pieces chosen from the rich resources of the textile collection.

-The conservation and restoration of textiles and the creation and running of a university level degree course.

-The creation of a scientific library with online-catalogue, open to the public, with an emphasis on applied arts, textile art and conservation.

-The promotion of scientific exchange in textile art by founding a research institute, organizing specialized conferences and regularly issuing publications.